Standards of Dress

General Guidelines:
Hair and clothing must be clean, neat and not extreme in style. Clothing should be in good condition or repair and fit properly. Students participating in Physical Education class and recess need to wear shoes and clothing that are comfortable and appropriate for high levels of physical activity.

Dress Code:
1. Good school grooming excludes the use of makeup
Hair will be an acceptable length for boys, neat, clean and well groomed at all times. Hair must be out of the eyes. No dying or bleaching of the hair is allowed.
Jewelry such as, but not limited to, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, made of any kind of material, will not be worn. For safety, no pins or pin-on buttons of any kind will be allowed. No piercings of any kind is allowed.
All pants and shorts must be of the “Docker” style. Short length must be at or below the knee. Jeans are not acceptable.
Dresses and skirts must be at or below the knee, and not tight fitting.
Polo style shirts are to be worn. Any color except white is acceptable.
Shoes must be of an athletic style so that there is no hindrance in play during PE or recess.
NOTE: The Teacher or school board reserves the right to determine at any time what will be considered acceptable hair grooming on any student, regardless of hair length.