Classroom Schedule

Students should arrive at the school during the fifteen-minute period preceding the beginning of the school day (7:45 AM). Students are to leave the school grounds during the fifteen-minute period following the regular school day (3:30). Before of after these times the school will assume no responsibility for the welfare of the child unless special arrangements are made in advance with the teacher. No playground activities are provided during these times.

School Hours

The Teacher will not release a student from school or from the following school day schedule unless receipt of a written or telephone request from the parent or guardian. School hours are the following:

Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM

The Needles Adventist Christian School is bound by state law to maintain attendance and punctuality standards. The only legal excuse for an absence is illness of the student or death in the immediate family. The student is required to bring an excuse to the teacher, signed by his/her parent/guardian the day he/she returns to school after an absence. This is mandatory for all absences, regardless of the circumstances. Non-illness related visits to the doctor should not be made during school hours except in extenuating circumstances. Missed work may be made up at the discretion of the teacher when an absence is un-excused. A student who is absent without an excuse will be dealt with by the following successive action:

The Teacher will contact the parent/guardians
The parent/guardians will be asked to appear before the school board, or the school board chairman and the teacher.
If a pattern of consistent absences continues the board will be forced to contact the truant officer.

NOTE: The board reserves the right to dismiss a student from school, either temporarily or permanently, after the initial contact with parent/guardians regarding a students truancy, providing the pattern persists.