Admission Policy

All prospective students must fill out an application and turn it in at the school. After an initial review of the application by the school board, the applicant and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) will be requested to come before the board for a personal interview. A student, who is admitted to the school, does so for a probationary period of up to 30 days before final admittance is approved. An application form may be obtained by calling the school at 760-326-4406.

A student will be accepted for Kindergarten only if he/she has reached the age of 5 years by September 1st of the year for which application is made. Proof of age (copy of birth certificate) is required of all students entering Kindergarten. (ED Code 2120).

Transfer Student:
Students transferring to this school from other school systems may be place at the level indicated by an achievement test administered during the early part of the school year. In this way, each child can be assured of success at his / her own level of ability. Promotions from level to level are based on scholastic achievement and the child’s maturity.

Special Education:
Since non-public schools are not mandated or equipped to provide Special Education, the Needles SDA Christian School retains the right to determine if it is able to meet the individual needs of an applicant. If it is determined that the student cannot be served adequately by the school, then recommendations for alternative educational placement will be made, and/or the student may be asked to withdraw at any time.

Telephone Use:
The telephone is available at the school for business use only. Students may use this phone only with the teacher’s permission. Parents who need to contact the school for non-emergency reasons are encouraged to do so before or after school hours or during lunch break. Cell phones are to be turned off and not used at all during school hours. The school phone is available for student’s necessary use.


Meals are not provided by the school, neither is the facility equipped for cooking meals. Each student is expected to bring his/her own sack lunch. Our school desires to discourage the popular, yet unhealthy, habit of consuming flesh foods as defined in Leviticus 11. Therefore the policy of this school is that children’s lunches should be made following these guidelines.